4 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions

Ergun Tercan Hair Extensions

In the old days, we were stuck with the hair we were born with. Short of hats and wigs, fixing a bad cut or changing your hair was almost impossible. However, with hair extensions, you can finally live out your hair dreams. Here are our five favorite reasons for getting extensions.

Reasons to get hair extensionsVolumizing

Who doesn’t want to add extra volume to their hair? Every girl and some boys have fantasized about shampoo commercial-worthy hair; the type of hair that you shake out in slow motion. The type of hair that you see on every celebrity. We’re gonna let you in on a little secret. They’ve all got volumizing hair extensions!

Lengthening your hair

It’s 2017, the world is moving fast, and everything is instantly accessible at the touch of a button. Unfortunately, hair still grows at the same pace as it did when we were living in caves. Fortunately, we have found a way around the confines of the speed of time. Lengthening hair extensions defy time and take you from short to long flowing hair in just one afternoon. Take that, physics!


While you’re lengthening and volumizing, play with the natural tones of your hair and pick extensions that will add highlights or lowlights to your natural hair color. We carry Remy hair extensions – real hair in every color you can imagine. A professional stylist will be able to work with the shape of your face and the tone of your skin to place highlighting extensions in the right place to accentuate your features.

Get real hair extensions in DenverFixing a bad haircut

Thanks to hair extensions, you no longer have to resort to wearing hats after suffering a bad haircut. Extensions can fix just about any haircut. Knowing that you can experiment with your hair and always have a way out if things so terribly wrong gives us a lot more freedom to experiment and be more daring with our hairstyles.

Get hair extensions in Denver

Ergun Tercan is a European hair salon in the Highlands of Denver. All of our stylists are trained in the latest techniques, and we only use the best real hair extensions available. With over twenty years of experience, Ergun Tercan and his team know and understand the importance of voluminous, long hair, and will take extra care to listen and appreciate the needs of all our guests. The salon’s wide range of color choices guarantees you will find the right color to fit your needs. Ergun Tercan Salon can transform any style or look and provide a better version of you.