Avoiding Yellow Tints to Your Platinum Blonde Winter Locks

Platinum blonde without yellow

Platinum hair will never go out of style. But, the worst thing you can do when going for a platinum blonde is to end up with a sort of yellowish tone to your platinum hair. If you’re thinking of going platinum, be sure to see a color specialist at our Denver salon. Our stylists will know how to give you a pure platinum blonde without a hint of yellow.Platinum blonde without the yellow

Why platinum blonde turns yellow

To get a real platinum blonde color you will first need to lighten your natural locks. Sometimes when you lighten hair you will expose underlying red, orange, gold, and yellow tones. This underlying pigment is very hard to deal with, and only a professional will know how to properly lighten your hair and deal with the underlying tones.

Removing underlying tones

You have to tread lightly when you switch hair colors, especially for a platinum blonde. If you don’t know how to deal with the underlying tones in your hair, you’ll end up affecting the final outcome, most likely ending up with a “yellow snow” type of look, instead of the pure, silvery, platinum that you were hoping for. A professional stylist will know how to lighten your hair, and when to stop so that the yellow tones don’t show up.

Pigment shampoo and conditioner

Coloring hair platinum blondeTo control the pigment and the underlying tones in your hair, our stylists will use pigmented shampoos and conditioners to help maintain the color. Next, we’ll use a product called Olaplex, which helps with the lightening process, as well as rebuilds and restores your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy.  This product can be used before, during, or after the lightening process. Olaplex will help your stylist control the underlying yellow, gold, orange, and red tones, getting your hair to the lightest level without causing damage.

Professional colorist in Denver

Anytime you want to change the color of your hair we recommend that you see a professional colorist at our Denver salon. Our stylists can help you get a true platinum blonde without a hint of yellow. We know how to treat your hair, how to lighten it, and how to apply the new color to give you the exact look that you want.

Set up an appointment with a colorist to go platinum blonde for winter!