How to Get the Best Haircut For Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair specialists Denver

There are many people who envy those who are born with naturally curly hair. However, once they hear a few horror stories of terrible curly hair haircuts, they’ll look at their straight hair with much more appreciation. When you go to a stylist to get a haircut for your curly hair, make sure your stylist is a curly hair specialist.

Curly hair specialist in DenverCutting curly hair

Cutting curly hair is a skill. At Ergun Tercan, our stylists are all trained to handle your curls. To give men and women with curly hair a great haircut, the stylists have to know the different ways to cut curls so that you get the best result. If you try to cut curly hair the same way you’d cut straight hair, the results can be disastrous. Either you end up with an uneven haircut, a lopsided haircut, or that famous “lampshade” haircut that only the late great Whitney Houston can pull off. So, let’s take a look at the various ways there are to cut curls so that you can test your stylist before they pick up the scissors.

Dry cutting

Every hair type will change a bit from wet to dry. However, no hair type will have a more drastic reaction to drying and cutting than curly hair. Some stylists prefer dry cutting, which is cutting your curls while they are in their natural position. When the hair is dry, the stylist has a good idea of how your curls like to curl.

Wet cutting

Of course, a great stylist will be able to cut your curls while wet and give you a great cut. As long as the stylist understands the behavior of curly hair, they’ll be able to determine the best method to cut. Wet cutting will allow your stylist to shape your curls so that they fall in the right way around your face.

Curly hair specialists in DenverAvoiding the lampshade haircut

Call it the Whitney, the lampshade, the pyramid, or the triangle – either way you spin it, it’s not a haircut that any man or woman wants. A curl specialist will know how to cut your curls in the right way to make sure that they don’t bounce up into a triangle. Whether cutting it wet or dry, they’ll be able to work with the natural movements of your curls, cutting, slicing, and thinning out your curls so that they can curl harmoniously with each other without creating a bulky mess.

Denver curl specialists

We are considered one of the best hair salons in Denver because we know how to handle all hair textures and types. We also understand that every curl is different, so each curly haired customer will get treated to the method best suited for their curls. You can trust your natural curls with an Ergun Tercan stylist. Stop by our salon and let our stylists bring out the best in your curls.