Jump Into the New Year with Great Looking Hair Extensions

Hair extensions Denver

Extensions are a way to help clients bring out the best in their hair. It’s like being the best you can be, just a little bit elevated. But, extensions can help you solve a number of hair problems. Because of this, extensions are one of our most popular services, and we strive to provide our clients with the best hair extensions Denver has to offer. Hair extensions are about more than just changing or refining your image; it’s about the feeling you get from finally having the hair of your dreams.The best hair extensions in Denver

Solving hair problems with extensions

Now that we have extensions there is no longer an excuse for bad hair. Extensions have eliminated “hair-envy,” and they’ve made it much easier to be spontaneous and daring when it comes to hair. As specialists in the hair care industry, this trend is very exciting, which is why we train all of our stylists in the best application techniques and the latest hair trends. Whether you’re fixing a bad haircut, refuse to wait for your hair to grow longer, enjoy switching styles at a whim, or trying to add volume to thinning hair, extensions are the solution to all of our hair problems.

Most popular extensions

We’ve got three types of extensions. All extensions are made with real human hair and are the best in the industry. Plus, all of our stylists are certified in extension application. We’ll start every appointment with a consultation to fully understand your goals and intentions.

Keratin bond extensions

For long-lasting, easy maintenance hair extensions, our most popular products are the keratin bond hair extensions. You may have also heard of these as “fusion” extensions. Real hair extensions can be fused to your natural hair, either using hot or cold fusion depending on your hair. Keratin bond extensions can be customized for all hair types.

Micro-bead extensions

Micro-bead extensions Denver

To add volume and length to your hair, micro-bead extensions are very popular. Plus, as your hair grows, the extensions can be reused. When your hair grows, simply have the bonds moved closer to the root, prolonging the effect of long, voluminous hair.

Tape-in extensions

For people who love to change up their look on a whim, or are looking for something glamorous for a fun party or event, you’re going to love our tape-in extensions. Not only are they the quickest type of extension to apply, getting you ready in under an hour, but you can also reuse tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions give you all the glamour of hair extensions, without breaking the budget or taking up too much of your time.

Certified hair extension specialists in Denver

No matter why you want extensions or what type you always want to make sure that you see a certified hair extension stylist. At our European salon, we can help you elevate your natural beauty and make you look and feel your best.