Natural Sun-Kissed Highlights Without the Wait

Denver's best salon for Balayage highlights

The timeless technique of Balayage

Natural highlights in time for summerEveryone’s favorite summer hair trend is to have your hair look like it’s been naturally and effortlessly highlighted – like your hair has been kissed by the sun, giving you that beachy summer glow. You can achieve this look naturally (but it’s going to take some time), or you can head to the best hair salon in the Denver metro area, where our stylists have perfected the timeless technique of Balayage.

Paint your hair

We live in a world of instant gratification. Waiting for the summer sun to naturally highlight your locks just isn’t realistic. When you want that summer glow, you want it now. However, the Balayage technique is more than just adding highlights to your hair. Balayage is a technique where the hair is hand-painted, giving you the same effect that you would get from a summer at the beach.

Soft and natural highlights

When you hand-paint the highlights, you avoid a harsh grow-line that you get from traditional highlighting techniques. Balayage will leave you with soft, natural highlights that complement your tone and your face. Hand-painting the highlights allows us to be more strategic in the placement, making sure that the highlight brings out your best features. Knowing where to place highlights can help accentuate your face in all the right places.

Best hair salon for Balayage highlights in DenverLow-maintenance highlights

For clients who want effortless, low-maintenance highlights, the Balayage technique is perfect. Most of the focus is placed on the ends of your hair, leaving your roots dark but without a blunt grow line. The Balayage technique makes a smooth transition from your natural hair color to the highlights.

The best salon in Denver for Balayage

If you don’t have time to sit in the sun and wait for this effect to happen naturally, then Balayage at Ergun Tercan is the next best thing. Our relaxing atmosphere and friendly, professionally trained stylists are just a few reasons that our clients continue to vote us one of the best salons in the Denver area.