Protect Your Blowouts From Winter Weather

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There’s no shortage of cute winter hats, beanies, and headbands. However, the price of winter beauty is a ruined blowout. We’ve got tips to help you rock winter fashions and keeping your blowout gorgeous.

Denver Blow Dry BarWho hasn’t fantasized about taking off your hat and shaking out that long, shiny, and shampoo commercial worthy mane of hair? Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always live up to our fantasy, and the wrong hat can deflate and ruin your blowout. Sure, you could stay all winter indoors, or never take off your hat, but if you took the time and spent the money getting a professional blowout, you need to be able to flaunt it, rain, sleet, or snow.

Loose hats will save your blowout

Pick you hats wisely if you are rocking a blowout. There have been some crazy hair styles over time, but the hat hair has never been one of them. Who wants to look like you’re wearing an invisible headband all day long?

Find a hat that can loosely and comfortably cover and hold your entire head of hair. Make sure it doesn’t have a tight elastic or rim that will leave an imprint.

Gently roll up your hair and clip it loosely on top of your head, then cover everything with your hat. Be sure to use a clip that won’t leave a mark, just like rolling your hair in a bun with an elastic band can also ruin the shape of your blowout.

Denver Blow Dry Bar A tube scarf or an infinity scarf can save you in a pinch. However, there’s always the risk of exposing your bangs, whether long or short, and if there’s any moisture in the air, or it’s snowing, then you’re going to have half a frizz and half a blowout by the time you reach your destination.

Join our Denver blow dry bar

We don’t want you to spend your entire winter thinking about protecting your blowout to make it last as long as possible. Join our blow dry bar at our European Hair Salon in the Highlands of Denver. Our technique ensures a long-lasting blowout, and if you get caught in a winter storm, head back to the blow dry bar for a quick fixer-upper.

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