Rocking the Best Hair Extensions at Summer Music Festivals

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The summer festival season is upon us, but we all know that the summer music festival is about a lot more than just the music. Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand, and nothing is more fashionable than a thick, luscious, gorgeous head of hair. So, while you’re planning that festival outfit, set aside some time to hit the salon to get hair extensions so that you’ll be Instagrammable from head to toe at this season’s music festivals.

Denver hair extensions specialists2017 summer festival hair trends

Cool, thick braids, mini braid, thin braids, and every other type of braid are rocking the festival scene this summer. Braids are a fun and creative way to keep your hair out of your face but still keep you looking fashionable and ready for a selfie. Besides the braid trend, summer hairstyles are going loose, flowy, Bohemian chic, and romantically messy. We’re taking it back to the summer of ‘69, channeling our inner Janice Joplin and putting a modern spin on the hippie flower child hairstyles. They’re loose, they’re long, and they appear to be natural, sunkissed, and windswept. Unfortunately, we weren’t all blessed with the natural locks to pull off these looks. Fortunately, we’ve figured out how to give every woman the hair of her dreams by adding a few (or a lot of) real hair extensions to add to the hair you were born with.

Three types of hair extensions

Our stylists are specialized in three types of hair extensions application methods: keratin, micro-bead, and tape-in. Although the quality of hair that we use for each application is always of the highest caliber, there are a few differences with each type of extension. Some cost a bit less, some last a bit longer, and some will take longer to apply. However, all three will give you volume, length, and glamor so that you can hit the festival scene in style.

Keratin Bond Extensions

The keratin bond extension is the highest quality extension on the market. You’ll need to set aside a few hours at the salon depending on how many extensions you need to get the perfect head of hair. Besides being comfortable and invisible to the naked eye, and also causing zero damage to your natural hair, keratin bond extensions are the most customizable extension application.

Being able to customize the placement of your extensions to allow you to put your hair into different styles is perfect for the summer. Since braids in all sizes, placements, and configurations are a huge trend this summer, talk to your stylist about the styles you picture yourself sporting. That way, they can take care to place the extensions right.

Micro-Bead Extensions

Hair extensions specialists in DenverIf you’re looking for instant volume so that you can have long, romantic, curly, and casual summer hair, then micro-bead extensions are the most popular. As you hair grows, the beads can be moved up closer to the root, giving these extensions life beyond the festival.

Tape-In Extensions

If you’ve spent too much time working on your festival outfit and have left your hair care to the last minute, the tape-in extension method is both quick and cost-effective. In just under an hour, tape-in extensions can give you a full head of luxurious hair. Furthermore, tape-in extensions can be treated just like your natural hair. From every type of braid to hippie chic to voluminous waves, the tape-in extension gives you unlimited styling possibilities.

Denver hair extensions specialists

Whatever hair extensions application method you choose, our stylists are specialists in hair extensions, making sure that you get the best extensions for your lifestyle and your budget. We work with each client to make sure that the extensions are perfectly blended with your natural tones, and that each extension will complement your face and highlight your best features.

Get your hair festival ready!