4 Simple Steps to Condition Your Hair like a Pro

If you’ve read our blog, or watched our video on “How to Shampoo like a Pro” then now is the perfect time to learn how to moisturize your hair like a Pro too. As basic as this may seem, there’s a lot of marketing out there that have trained us consumers to do things the wrong way. So let’s jump into it!

  • Pick your products wisely. Go Professional


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Ever heard the saying you get what you pay for? Well when it comes to hair product, I believe that is the absolute truth! Start by choosing a professional conditioner. OTC (over the counter) conditioners are so watered down and a lot of times are filled with parabens to cut corners on cost. You may be wondering about the “professional brands” you can still purchase OTC at certain retailers. Beware! They are either expired product that brand has closed out to the store, or it is a diluted version of their professional line with similar packaging, to fool you into thinking you’re getting the salon quality product at a convenience in your local Denver area store. But it’s still not the same ingredients or quality as what that brand carries in a salon. That is why here at Ergun Tercan European Salon (ETES), located in the Highlands, we only carry products that are not only formulated with the best ingredients, but they are sold direct by distributor only. So what does that mean? Basically, we only buy our products through the company directly. This is not something that can be found by even licensed professionals at your local “professionals only” beauty supply stores. This can only be purchased exclusively by the company through a local rep for that product line. This ensures the quality of the product and to where it can be sold. Once you do the math you will find out that there are a lot of affordable professional grade products out there. You also get more out of concentrated, professional grade products which end up stretching your dollar as well.

The majority of OTC conditioners also use silicones to provide you with that soft, slippery, “conditioned” feel to your hair. Only to have it feel dry and thirsty after your next shampoo; where you can’t wait to drench your hair with conditioner to get that moisturized feel. So why is that? Silicones are simply band aids to give the illusion of softer hair, by coating the hair with a synthetic. Once that is rinsed off, the actual integrity of the hair has not been improved or changed in any way. A good quality conditioner will not only moisturize the hair, but it will gradually change the composition of the hair by adding more moisture every use, until it’s reached its maximum potential. Then it continues to maintain the integrity of the hair at that level. You should notice the hair’s improvement over time.

  • Less is more

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Just like professional shampoos, a quality conditioner will also be concentrated. You will only need to use ¼ of what you would of OTC conditioners. Start with about a quarter size amount and depending on how much hair you have, you can continue adding in those increments as needed.

  • Application is everything

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Make sure to emulsify the conditioner in both your hands, and apply it from the bottom up.

  • For those with a pixie cut (or similar length hair) a conditioner may not be needed at all.
  • For bob length hair, just the last inch or two is sufficient.
  • Those with medium-long length hair, I would go no higher than what falls below the bottom of your ear lobes or chin length and below.

The reason you don’t need to go any higher is because your scalp naturally produces oils that condition the hair from the scalp to about those points. If you were to apply conditioning product at the scalp, you may end up with that overly greasy feeling all day.

******* Bonus Points!!!*******

So here’s a few extra tips to help you get the most out of your conditioner. Some of these are harder to do than others so they tend to be skipped; but the choice is yours. At least you have the information if you want to use it, right?

  • Conditioner should be rinsed with the coldest water temperature you can tolerate. An easy way to tolerate these temperatures is to actually finishing your rinsing portion in a sink so your body doesn’t have to suffer the torture. This will help seal down your cuticle from the warm/hot water exposure and therefore add shine.
  • Once you’ve applied your conditioner, have a spare clip handy in your shower to clip up a loose bun, so your hair can drink it in for as long as possible. While it sits on the hair, spend this down time washing your body, or any other in shower activities you do (shaving, pumicing your heels, etc.)
  • After shampooing, and right before applying your conditioner, have a dry towel handy to towel dry your ends to prevent any excess water diluting the conditioner you are using.

Awesome! Now you’re conditioning your hair like a Pro and getting the maximum benefit from your product and your hair will shine with appreciation! If you would like a free consultation on what product would be best for your hair type, or to help you find any solution for your hair questions and are in the Denver / LOHI area contact us! Call us at Ergun Tercan European Salon at 303-433-5544 and schedule your complimentary consultation today!