The Biggest DIY Coloring Mistakes and How to Correct Them

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Coloring your hair seems like a great idea until you end up with a sink full of hair dye, and an unevenly colored head of hair. Although the hat industry is greatly appreciative of people continuing to dye their hair at home, we at Ergun, encourage people to get it right the first time by seeing a coloring specialist.

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Get the look and the color you want when you go to an Ergun color specialist.

Of course, we also know that people have to make their own mistakes and learn from them, so when you’re ready, we’ll be here at our Denver salon, ready to correct your coloring mistakes.

Most Common DIY Dye Job Mistakes

Leaving the Color in Too Long

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when dying their own hair is leaving the color on too long. We can set all the timers in the world, but you’d be amazed at how easy it is to get distracted while waiting for the color to set in and miss the alarm. And, time flies when you’re binge-watching your favorite show or blasting some music while you wait for the timer to ring. On top of things, it’s amazing how one of your friends manages to call you right before the timer! So before you know it, you’ve left the color in way too long, and the result is not what you intended it to be.

Uneven Coloring

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We use the best products to correct your coloring mistakes.

You may feel like you saturated your entire head of hair evenly with the hair dye, but the result is often splotchy and uneven. For the best dye job, you sometimes need to lighten your hair to give yourself a clean canvas for the new color.

But if doing it yourself, this step is often skipped. The result is a head of hair that looks like you’ve dyed it yourself, in the dark, when you were hoping for a glorious professional look like the box of dye promised.

Speaking of what is advertised…

The Color Is Not What Was Advertised on the Box

Unless you’re a pro, a DIY project will never turn out like the picture on the box, or the tutorial on the internet. Pinterest is filled with great ideas and “how to’s,” but more often than not, your version looks like it was created by a 5-year-old, and does not come close to the picture in your head, or the picture on the internet.

The same goes for dying your hair. And, it’s not really that surprising that you don’t end up looking like you expected. We’re going to let you in on a little secret: the model on the box got her hair dyed by a professional!!

Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Actually, do tell everyone!

Color corrections in Denver

Our specialists are well versed in the art of color correction.

Color Corrections at Denver Salon

The only sure way to correct your home dye mistakes is to see a professional. No one should have to walk around with a bad home dye job.

At Ergun Tercan, one of Denver’s best salons, our stylists are well versed in the art of color correction. Instead of hiding your hair under a bunch of hats and scarves until your natural tone grows back, come to our Denver salon.

Not only will we correct the color of your hair with the professional look you were hoping for, but we’ll also pamper you the whole way through with a great atmosphere, fancy teas and coffees, and stylists who love what they do. Call us for an appointment!