Bring Out Your Eyes and Shape Your Face With Awesome Eyebrows

Best method of shape your eyebrows

Just like hair, eyebrows go through different styles and fashion statements. These days, eyebrows are here to make a statement. They are big and bold, help shape the face and bring out your eyes. But, eyebrows need to be maintained and shaped for the best effect. At Ergun, we specialize in the art of eyebrow threading and tinting.

Eyebrows Help Shape Your Face


Eyebrow threading in DenverLooking your best means that you need to get your eyebrows in shape. Eyebrows help define your face. They help you express emotion and highlight your eyes and forehead. But, when it comes to shaping and maintaining your eyebrows, you have to know what you’re doing. And, we’ve got the best method for shaping your eyebrows without irritating sensitive skin and preventing redness.

Eyebrow threading

Threading is the most demanded hair removal system in Europe. Threading the eyebrows, as opposed to plucking, will avoid the unsightly red flare up caused by irritating the skin around the eyebrows. Threading leaves the skin unharmed so that you walk out with great eyebrows to compliment your face, not looking like a blotchy mess. The method of threading will remove the hair from the follicles, leaving your brows neat and sculpted for longer.

Facial hair removal

Eyebrow tinting in DenverThe threading technique isn’t just for eyebrows but can be used to remove all facial hair from your chin and cheeks. Threading will leave your skin silky smooth, while only leaving behind the eyebrows, perfectly shaped and sculpted for your face. And, instead of plucking each individual hair, threading can neatly remove a single line of hair.

Eyebrow tinting

The color of your brows should complement your skin and your hair color. They don’t have to match, but they should be complimentary. And, if you have light eyebrows, giving them a boost of color will do wonders for your face. You won’t believe how big a part eyebrows play in the image and expression of your face until you have them. Our stylists can help you make the most of your eyebrows so you can be the best version of yourself.

Eyebrow Threading in Denver

Ergun Tercan European Salon is not only concerned about your hair but we are also passionate about the guest’s completed look. We believe that eyebrows play a significant role in a successful look, tailoring each color and shape to our guest’s needs, making sure they are satisfied and look and feel their best.