Bring Out Your Inner Blonde in Time for Spring

Balayage highlights in Denver

Everyone has wondered what it’s really like to go through life as a blonde. But, making a drastic change in hair color can be a little too much for most people. With the Balayage technique, you can ease yourself into the life of a blonde.

Find Your Inner Blonde with Balayage

Blonde highlights using BalayageThe Balayage technique allows you to lighten your hair in the most natural way possible. Like the sun Gods just happened to shine on you and turn your hair from brunette to blonde overnight. Balayage gives your hair an ombre effect, leaving your roots naturally dark as your locks get lighter and lighter.

Naturally Blonde

Balayage is the most natural way to highlight dark hair, and bring out your inner blonde. By hand painting the highlight in sweeping motions, Balayage emulates and accentuates the way the sun would naturally lighten your hair. Because the highlights are painted on by hand, your stylist can customize the highlights to suit your face and your hair.

Avoid a Sharp Grow Line

The trick to lightening and highlighting dark hair is to make it look and feel as natural as possible. But, the one thing that gives us all away and spills our hair care secrets is that telltale grow line. The Balayage technique gently starts to blend in the blonde highlights from the roots to the tips. And, each highlight is carefully placed and hand painted. Everything blends and flows, so you will never get that harsh grow-line that we all dread.

Applying Balayage Technique

Balayage in Denver

Balayage emulates and accentuates the way the sun would naturally lighten your hair.

This technique requires a steady hand and a stylist with knowledge about balayage. Because all of our stylists have completed the Ergün Tercan European Salon Advanced Academy and have trained personally with Ergün, every stylist in our salon is able to perform this service on guests.

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