Should You Chop Your Locks for Spring?

Cut Your Hair

When the weather starts to heat up, we all have thoughts of chopping off our locks and rocking a short spring ‘do. But, cutting your hair short can be a drastic change, and you need to know what you’re doing to get the right short haircut. The Ergun stylists are experts and matching a great haircut with the features and contours of your face. If you cut and style your hair right, everyone will be able to pull off short hair.

Cut Your Hair to Suit your Face

The shape of your face is going to have a lot to do with the type of haircut you should get. As far as a short haircut, short doesn’t always have to mean a pixie haircut. And, as great as Kate Hudson looks with a shaved head, not everyone can pull it off. To determine how short you should cut your hair, consult with one of our stylists. We can guide you towards the best cut to suit your features, your hair type, and your hair maintenance routine.

Short Hair Breeds Confidence

Cutting your hair can be incredibly liberating. Many of us, whether we realize it or not, use our long thick locks as a security blanket. When you cut your hair and stop hiding, you may find that you get a little extra spring in your step because you aren’t weighed down by a heavy head of hair. Plus, with the right style, you can bring out features in your face you may not realize you had. All of a sudden your short hair will enhance your gorgeous cheekbones, make your eyes more vibrant, and brighten your smile. A short haircut can also elongate your neck and make you walk a little taller and with more confidence.

Short Hair is Easier to Manage

Short Hair is Easier to Manage

Depending on your hair type, a short ‘do can cut your morning hair maintenance routine dramatically. Of course, if you have curly hair, a short hairdo may require you to add a little time to your morning routine. So, before you chop off your curls, talk to your stylists about how it will add or subtract from how much time you spend maintaining the style.

Finding the Right Products

Of course, the right products can help you maintain your short hair in no time. There are many great hair products on the market to help you maintain your hair, whether it’s long or short. Finding the right products for your hair type and your style can make any haircut feel like a breeze to maintain. And with shorter hair, even if you need to spend a little time styling it in the morning, it’s still going to be less time than it took to wash, dry, and style your long hair.

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