Common Reasons Why Women Experience Thinning Hair

Reasons for female hair loss

For most people, changing their hairstyle with extensions and color is a fun way to express their personality. But for many women, hair extensions are the solution to an all too common problem, thinning hair. There can be many reasons for women to have thinning hair or hair loss. Some women are just born with thin hair; others experience thinning hair at one point in their lives due to lifestyle changes, health, and diet.Hair extensions for thinning hair

Reasons for Thinning Hair in Women

We often think of thinning hair as a male problem. Women, however, are as likely to experience thinning hair, as men. Our lifestyle, mental and physical health, and diet can cause hair loss or thinning hair. Sometimes, thinning hair is reversible, but other times the underlying issues are more permanent. Whatever the reason, hair extensions are great solutions to thinning hair while you work on the underlying causes.

Health Issues

Hair loss and thinning hair can be due to something fairly treatable like a vitamin deficiency. It can also be caused by something more serious like an inactive thyroid gland that doesn’t produce enough hair growth hormones, or an overactive immune system that will target your hair like a foreign invader. Treatments for some health issues, like chemotherapy, can also cause hair loss. Consulting your doctor is the first step to treating hair loss. Once you understand the cause, you can see our stylists about extensions to give you back a full head of hair while you work on a permanent solution. Any illness also causes stress on the body. Stress can result in hair loss.Reasons for female hair loss

Physical Stress

Physical and mental stress are common reasons for female hair loss. Pregnancy is an example of physical stress that can lead to thinning hair. Your hair is cyclical. There is a growth phase, a rest phase, and a shedding stage. Any physical stress can disrupt the hair cycle and leave you with a little less hair on your head. Extensions are a great temporary solution while your body is recovering, whether it’s a pregnancy or a really bad flu.


If your hair loss is due to diet, chances are you can reverse the symptoms. Something as simple as too much vitamin A or too little protein can cause thinning hair in women. Iron deficiency, aka anemia, is one of the most common reasons for women to experience hair loss.

Solution to Thinning HThe best hair extensions in Denverair

Hair extensions can help you regain confidence with a full head of hair. A hair extension specialist can help you choose the best type of extension for your situation. With tape-in extensions, you’ll leave the salon feeling like a whole new you in no time at all. If you’re looking for the highest quality hair, try Keratin extensions. Keratin extensions are virtually invisible, super comfortable, and cause zero damage to your natural hair.

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