Defy the Receding Hairline and Get Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for Men

Men appreciate a full head of hair as much as women. Unfortunately, men have to deal with male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, and thinning hair. And, these aren’t just things that come with old age. Many men, regardless of age, will see their hair prematurely disappearing. But just like real men aren’t afraid of a little manscaping and beauty routine, it’s time that men took advantage of a little trick we women have been using for ages: Hair Extensions!

Hair Extensions for Men

Hair extensions for menIf women can use hair extensions to pump up the volume on thin hair, fix a bad haircut, or increase the length, then men should be able to do the same. Now, some may worry that adding extensions to a partially bald head may result in Trump-style hair, but Ergun stylists are highly skilled in the art of hair extensions, when we’re done you’ll look like yourself, but with a full head of hair. You don’t have to be scared to walk onto an airplane or get caught in a gust of wind. Your hair extensions won’t let you down.

Fixing a Thinning Hairline

If you’re not quite ready for your hair to start thinning out, real hair extensions can bring your locks back to their full glory. Or, if you just have naturally thin hair and you want a little volume, then extensions are the way to go. For thinning hair, we recommend the Keratin bond extensions.

Keratin Extensions for Men

For the highest quality hair extensions, go for the Keratin extensions. Keratin extensions are fused onto your natural hair. These types of extensions are invisible to the eye and will add instant volume to a thinning head of hair. Fusion extensions cause absolutely no damage to your natural hair. In fact, Keratin extensions can protect your hair from damage, helping your natural hair continue to grow. And, you can customize Keratin extensions to give you the exact look you want.Hair extensions for men Denver

Adding Volume

The most popular reason for men to add hair extensions is to add volume to their natural locks. It’s not just women who appreciate a thick voluminous head of hair. It’s 2018, and men are starting to use more and more of the same beauty measures that women are using. Men who get hair extensions aren’t egocentric or effeminate, they just take pride in how they look. And, when we’re done applying your hair extensions, no one will even know. It will just look like you have a natural thick head of hair.

Ergun Tercan is one of Denver’s foremost hair extensions specialists. We give both men and women the hair of their dreams using the highest quality extensions and application techniques on the market.