Denver’s Advanced Hair Academy Certification Program

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Get trained in the latest European hair techniques

Ergun Tercan European Salon offers aspiring hairstylists an advanced training program that will give them the skills to be a cut above the rest (pun intended). So far, cutting hair is one of the few professions that aren’t threatened by technology. We won’t be seeing robot stylists anytime soon. Cutting, styling, and coloring hair are crafts that still require the human touch and human skill. Our dedication to education gives our graduates the tools to succeed as a professional stylist.

European hair trends and techniquesStylist certification program in Denver

Our advanced training program will teach you all the latest trends and techniques from Europe that will diversify you from the rest of the stylists in North America:

  • Hair cutting
  • Razor cutting
  • Styling
  • Color
  • Straightening
  • Curling hair extensions
  • Hair extensions
  • Eyebrow threading

Learn from the best hair stylist in the world

We believe that hands-on training is the only way to learn, and we have the privilege of inviting top stylists and professionals to teach our students about all the latest trends and techniques.

Ergun Tercan Advanced Hair Academy in DenverEuropean style hair academy in Denver

We will teach you everything, starting with how to get a good rapport with your client, the first step in any successful haircut or styling. Then, we go in-depth to teach you how to create any style, shape, texture, color, or highlight that your client could ask for, and you’ll have the knowledge and training to help guide each client to the perfect cut.

Our Advanced Hair Academy is designed to accompany a multitude of learning abilities, simplifying the art by making your experience easy and enjoyable. Ergun Tercan European Salon’s Advanced Hair Academy focuses on the visual learner as well as verbal and interpersonal learner, allowing new and experienced stylists the opportunity to educate themselves in whatever way they find most rewarding.

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In just eight short weeks, we’ll propel you to the top of the pack, giving you an exclusive insight into European techniques and trends that are essential for a successful hairdressing career.

Ergun Tercan Advanced Hair Academy in Denver, Colorado

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