Finding the Best Hair Salon is Like Finding Your Soulmate

Find the best hair salon in Denver

Searching for a hair stylist is a bit like searching for your true love. However, whereas you can walk away from a bad date, walking away from a bad haircut is much more difficult. Just like finding your soulmate, finding the best hair salon and the best stylist takes trust and communication. Our dedication to giving each client the hair they deserve is why we are the best hair salon in Denver.

Denver's best hair salonThe three pillars of a great hair salon

The three pillars of a great hair salon are skilled stylists, open communication, and a comfortable ambiance. Without those three, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with the wrong cut.

Skilled stylist

At Ergun Tercan, each of our stylists will go through a vigorous training program where they are given the unique tools and techniques only practiced in Europe. We are the only salon in Denver that offers the European method of hair care, from razor cutting to styling, European color and straightening, and European hair extensions.

“Our distinctive training uses tools rarely found in the North America, making Ergun Tercan the only advanced hair academy to showcase some of the best techniques in the nation.”

We are the only European hair salon in the Denver Metro area. Your hair is safe in our hands.

Open communication

The best salon to get extensions in DenverNo matter the reason for coming to our salon, whether you just need a trim, a whole new ‘do, or you’re trying to salvage your hair after your last cut, the stylists at Ergun will take the time to talk to you about the style and the effect you are looking for. We’ll work together to find the perfect cut, color, and style for your skin tone and the shape of your face. We want you to feel comfortable at our salon, and great communication is the first step to a great haircut.

Great ambiance

We take great care to create a great ambiance in our salon that is inviting, fun, and relaxing to our clients. We want our salon to be a place that people love to hang out. We want this to be a home away from home. That is why, along with our many other haircare services, we have added a Blow Dry Bar. Not only can each client come in once or twice a month to give their European blowout a pick-me-up, but our Blow Dry Bar members can share their membership with family and friends while getting additional discounts on other services.

The best salon in Denver

Ergun Tercan is no one-night stand. Once you’ve been to our salon, you’ll never want to go anywhere else for your hair care needs.

Check out our many services and make an appointment with a stylist to see why Ergun Tercan is the best hair salon in Denver.