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Nothing can test a woman’s patience like waiting for your hair to grow long again. By the time it does grow out, the latest hair trend is most likely short again. The world is moving at a fast pace, and fashion is no different. Unfortunately, our hair is still growing at the same old speed. At Ergun Tercan, we can get you the hair you want when you want it with top-of-the-line real hair extensions, using the latest hair extension trends and techniques to give you full body and length in no time.

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Hair extension application methods

Clip-in extensions

If this is your first time with extensions and you just want to take them for a test drive, clip-in extensions require the least commitment. There are no glues or chemicals involved, and they can easily be removed and put back in again. They are perfect if you are looking for one night of glamor before returning to your normal head of hair.

Hair extensions techniques
Micro-bead extensions

Once you’re ready to commit to a longer lasting volume and length, talk to us about micro-bead extensions. Instead of clipping onto your hair, tiny beads of silicone are used to hold the extension attached to small sections of your natural hair. Since no glue or heat is used to attach the extensions, little damage is done to your natural hair.

Tape-in extensions

If you’re ready for extensions to last a little longer than the clip-on variety, tape-in extensions are a great alternative. Two extensions are taped together around a thin track of your natural hair. Once attached, enjoy your full body and added length and style it however you want, using curling irons, straightening irons, or blow dryers.

Hot fusion hair extension technique
Hot fusion extensions

This is one way to install the ever-popular keratin hair extensions. A keratin adhesive at the tip of each extension is fused with your natural hair using heat. Since keratin is a natural component of hair, this process is much gentler on your hair than extensions using glues and chemicals.

“We hold continuing education classes for our salon team on advanced hair extension trends and techniques, constantly growing our knowledge and skill in this area of expertise.”

Cold fusion extension

Cold fusion keratin extensions are applied using a weaving technique rather than heat to attach the extensions to small sections of your hair.

Ergun Tercan Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in all colors and can be cut and styled just like real hair because it IS real hair.

Consult a specialist about the right hair extensions for your hair

Our skilled hair extension specialists can help you find the right extension for your hair and give you instant length, body, and volume. Our team is trained on advanced hair extension techniques, and we’re constantly educating ourselves on the latest hair extension trends.

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