How to Get More Volume In Your Hair?

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The desire to have shiny, healthy, and luscious hair is something women across the world share and continually struggle to attain. That perfect look we strive for is most often achieved only at beauty salons and lasts for a day or two, especially if you have thin hair that gives you trouble. Although some women have naturally thin hair, everyday stress, changes of the season, age and using inappropriate hair products often affect our hair quality without us even noticing. However, you can make small adjustments to your hair care routine that will make your scalp much healthier and your hair more voluminous.

Massage Your Scalp While Shampooing

Take time when you wash your hair to enjoy a thorough shampooing session with a scalp massage. A massage will make you relax, relieving a bit of stress that is one of the most common reasons for losing hair. Massaging the scalp will enhance blood circulation, subsequently making your hair stronger and more voluminous.

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Be Gentle To Your Hair

Pay attention to how you handle your hair and avoid aggressive treatments, as well as excessive rubbing while you wash it. Avoid keeping your hair tightly tied for long periods of time.

Avoid Using Hot Water To Wash Your Hair

Even though a hot shower can feel great after a long day, hot water strips the skin and hair of its natural moisture, causing flaking. That in turn, makes your hair look lifeless and lack volume so adjust the temperature of your shower.

Don’t Skip the Conditioner

To help your brittle and dry hair use a conditioner that will restore some of the moisture your hair lost during the day.

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Dry Your Hair Upside Down

To avoid applying too much heat to your hair while drying it, turn your head upside down and dry your hair by using a heat diffuser for your hairdryer. Protect your hair correctly with heat resistant products before straightening or curling it.

Add Extensions To Help Your Volume

Talk to your hairdresser about the possibility of adding extensions to your hair for more volume. Explore your options with the professionals at Ergun Salon.

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