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Get the perfect blend of fashion colors to make your hair pop. Color: Ocean Breeze

With every season comes new fashion colors, not just in clothing, but our hair has always followed certain trends as well.

Silver, purple, pink, and blue are the hottest hair fashion colors right now, and our color specialists are primed and ready to give you the color you want so you can stay in step with the latest fashion.

Professionally Done Fashion Colors for Best Results

Creating a good fashion color is not easy. Several actions go into making sure that you get the right color blend, the placement, and the most vibrant result.

A professional color specialist will understand the steps it takes to bring out the best results, as well as taking care not to damage your hair by using quality products and consulting with your stylists before dyeing your hair.

Creating a Clean White Canvas

Hottest hair fashion colors

The first step to a great dye job is to lighten your natural locks. For the color to take properly, we need to start with a clean canvas. By lightening your hair, we’re starting fresh and ensuring that the fashion color of choice will be as vibrant as possible.

This first step is where many people tend to go wrong when they attempt to do their own dye job at home. Lightening the hair is a tricky process, but our professional stylists and color experts will know how to make your hair the lightest shade without causing damage to your hair.

Damaged Hair Will Dull the Dye

When people try to lighten and dye their own hair at home, the lightening process will often cause damage. If your hair is damaged, the fashion color you choose will not take as well, and you’re left with a splotchy and dulled dye job.

A color specialist at our European hair salon will know how to lighten the hair without damage, ensuring that the color you choose will be deep, bold, and vibrant. Plus, the more delicate you are with the lightening process, the easier it will be to change your color next season when we see new color trends.

Placement of the Color

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The most requested fashion color this season is silver!

A great dye job is more than just covering your hair with a dye and calling it a day. A specialist will know how to correctly place the color for the best effect, creating depth and dimension so that your hair feels alive and compliments your face. With the professional placement of the color, we can create highlights and lowlights creating the most natural and vibrant effect.

The Best Color Specialists in Denver

Our stylists are always being trained in the latest hair trends and techniques. We use high-quality products to ensure the best results, and we work with each client individually to create the perfect color.

Every dye job is different, and our specialists will know how to perfectly blend the colors, as well as place them on your hair for show-stopping results.

Get your fashion colors at Ergun Tercan in Denver from one of our incredible color specialists.