Tips for Longer Lasting and Glorious Hair Extensions

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You came out of our hair salon with your new and glorious hair extensions, feeling happy and looking fabulous, loving life and your new hairstyle. Even though our job is done when your long locks are concerned, yours is not! After enjoying a couple of days of impeccable hair, it is time to start caring for your hair extensions so you can enjoy them as long as possible. Here are some basic tips that will help you keep your new hair in top shape!

Keep Your Extensions Hydrated

Do not forget, hair extensions are different from your own hair; they cannot hydrate themselves in the same way as our natural hair does. This means you need to moisturize your extensions in order to avoid dry and unruly hair. Another way to keep your hair hydrated is to avoid using too many washing products containing harsh chemicals and in general, washing your extensions too often.

Be Gentle While Brushing

When styling and brushing your hair, always be careful to brush out potential knots slowly and gently. This way you will reduce the risk of breakage and shedding. It is normal for hair to tangle, and extensions are no different, especially since they are in constant contact with your regular hair. Since our hair sheds continuously during the day, do not be surprised by the light shedding of your extensions as well. To avoid getting your extensions and your natural hair entangled, avoid going to bed with wet hair because tossing and turning will result in some serious knots.

Hair extension care

Be Moderate with Styling Products

Pay attention to how much hair product you are using when creating your preferred hairstyles. The more products you apply, the more you will need to wash your extensions, which will, in turn, cause it to dry out and increase shedding. When buying your styling products opt for light and hydrating formulas and do not forget to choose more natural and gentle products.

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