My Hair is Too Oily…What Can I Do?

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Do you have oily hair and no matter how often you wash it, it just ends up with that greasy feeling by the end of the day? Well here’s some tips and tricks to help you finally solve this problem.

1. Use the right product, & use the product right.

oribe ultra gentle, denver hair salondenver hair salon, shampooUse the product right.Do not apply conditioner to the scalp. This is just adding excess moisture, since your scalp naturally produces oil as a natural conditioner from your scalp out. Conditioner should only be used by those with length past the bottom of their ear lobes; which is about where the natural oil from the scalp stops reaching. Your hair may be feeling too greasy by over moisturizing your hair and applying your moisturizer to the scalp. This is the same for any leave-in conditioners, oils, etc. Do not over use them, and do not put them too high up on the hair shafts. Also watch out for products that promise added shine, these usually contain some sort of oil(s).Be careful not to over stimulate the scalp when shampooing. Overly scrubbing can actually stimulate the oil glands on the scalp and cause your scalp to start producing too much oil by your shampooing methods.You want to find a shampoo & conditioner that is just right for your hair type and texture. You might feel your hair needs something ultra-moisturizing, yet your hair texture may not be right for the type of product you chose. You want a shampoo that will cleanse the excess oil from your hair, without totally stripping it at the same time. The best way to choose the right product is to ask a professional. Go to your stylist (or find one), and ask them to analyze your hair and recommend products according to your needs. At Ergun Tercan European Salon (ETES), we provide complimentary consultations to help you with questions just like this & those below.

2. Go extreme.

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If this solution seems close to impossible, you may want to revisit step 1 and make sure you are using a gentle shampoo and conditioner that will help decrease your oil production, while still being able to get that daily wash. Another cause of excessive oily hair is daily washing. Every time you wash your hair, you’re stripping your scalp of the natural oils it produces. This is now telling your scalp to reproduce new oils to replenish what was just removed. Now you are basically becoming your own worst enemy. You’re trapped in a cycle of washing your hair because it is too oily, yet your hair is too oily because of how often you are stripping it of its oil, causing it to overproduce oils to make up for the constant washing. So what’s the solution to this problem? Go extreme. Try to go as long as possible without washing your hair. Set a goal of 14 days, and see how close you can get to it. I’ll be honest, when I tried to do this I could only go 8 days. Then I tried to stretch my time after that for as long as possible, every 2-3 days. This was the start to less oily hair, it worked! You will have to be creative in styling. By day 3 I was definitely wearing a lot more buns and sleek ponytails than anything else.

3. Dry Shampoo.

dry shampoo, denver hair tipsaveda dry shampoo, denver hair caredry shampoo, denver hair care tipsDry shampoos are great for many things, but it can also help you get through step 2 if you decide to give that a try. Dry Shampoos are designed to absorb any excess oils from day(s) old hair, to keep the scalp and roots from feeling overly greasy. I highly recommend Bumble & Bumble’s “Pret-a-Powder”, as it has a very light weight feel and can be used repeatedly without creating any build up and is odorless. With hair products, the saying is true “you get what you pay for”. If you try a dry shampoo that starts to create a slight odor, or looks like you just dumped baby powder on your scalp, or just doesn’t work the way you want it to, don’t give up! Try another brand or type. There are a variety of dry shampoo types such as aerosol sprays, powders you simply shake out of the bottle, dry shampoos that also add texture and/or volume. Here at Ergun Tercan Salon, we guarantee all of our products. If one doesn’t quite work with your hair type, bring it back and we’ll find you something that fits your personal needs.

4. Do not over brush or “overplay” with your hair.

hair care tips in denverOver brushing your hair actually stimulates the scalp and creates a reaction in the scalp to produce more oils. Go ahead and brush enough to detangle and style your hair. However, excessive brushing throughout the day is unnecessary. This doesn’t include brushing again maybe to restyle or refresh your hair for a night out. This is for those who are brushing “just because” multiple times a day. The same goes for those of us who run our fingers through our hair constantly. Either by unconscious habit, when stressed or overworking possibly, or for any given reason. The natural oils found on our fingers then are added to your hair.

5. Get a consult.

Ergun Tercan, Denver hair stylistOne of easiest ways to narrow down all of these possibilities, is to see your stylist. Or go to a salon and find one. Your stylist is a trained professional, educated to diagnose your hair in person along with the issues you discuss with them that you are experiencing. Make sure you do a little research to find a quality salon. Things to look for are quality products in their salon and a variety of quality services. Usually a place selling $10.00 haircuts, that let you walk out with wet, unfinished hair may not be as passionate about educating themselves with all aspects of hair as a salon who offers various treatments for various types, textures, and issues. Like I mentioned earlier, at our hair salon we offer complimentary consultations. We are located in the Denver / Lower Highlands area and you can call in at 303-433-5544 to schedule a consultation today! Or e-mail us at Not only can you schedule a complimentary consult with us at Ergun Tercan European Salon; but you can also schedule a blow out and we can go through a hands on step by step process from shampoo to styling. You will leave with product recommendations, helpful tips on do and do nots, and of course fabulous hair! C

6. Seek a medical professional.


Last, but not least, if you feel you’ve already tried all these solutions but still deal with the same issues. You may have a medical condition called “seborrhea” or “seborrheic dermatitis”. This is a medical condition of the scalp producing excessive oil due to age, sex, and/or hormones. Going back to step 5, if your scalp is in an aggressive stage of this condition, a quality stylist should be able to recognize it and refer you to your physician.