Balayage Technique Gives Natural Low-Maintenance Highlights

Ombre highlights in Denver

Balayage and Ombre hair techniquesBalayage hair painting in Denver

Get subtle and flattering highlights that grow out naturally without that harsh straight line that we all dread. There’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned money on highlights and coloring, only to walk around with a sharp halo of dark roots a few weeks later. Next time you come to the salon, ask your stylist about coloring your hair using the European technique knows as Balayage.

Balayage hair painting

Hair grows about half an inch month; some hair grows faster than others. Bayalage is a European technique that dates all the way back to the 1970s but has only just found its way across the pond in the last few years.

Balayage creates natural-looking highlights by hand painting each highlight in a sweeping motion from root to tip. The single sweeping motion creates, where the roots are more subtly colored, and the tips more saturated will prevent a harsh, noticeable line once your hair begins to grow out.

Hand painting each highlight also allows your stylist to be specific and deliberate with where the highlights are placed, making sure that the highlights are flattering to your face.

Cool hair salon in DenverOmbre is throwing shade at traditional coloring techniques

Dark roots that gradually and smoothly turn lighter and more sun-kissed as you reach the tips of your hair is known as Ombre – or, in plain English, “shade.”

Ombre is more than just a highlighting technique. The color is focused on the tips of your hair, so as your hair grows out, the ombre effect stays intact. The ombre effect can be dramatic or more subtle. A subtle ombre is often referred to as a “sombre.”

Natural, low maintenance highlights at European Salon in Denver

Both balayage and ombre coloring and highlighting techniques require skill to create the perfect color and blend for each client – blondes, brunettes, and redheads alike.

Because all of our stylists have completed the Ergün Tercan European Salon Advanced Academy and have trained personally with Ergün, every stylist in our salon can perform this service for guests.

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