Hide Your Old Extensions With These Simple Suggestions

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Your hair has seen better days, but you cannot seem to find the time to visit us at Ergun Tercan Salon for an overdue touch up of your hair extensions. Don’t worry, we have you covered with some useful tips on how to hide your tired and old hair extensions for a few days longer.

Try Shortening Your Extensions

We know, you got your extensions to have long and luscious hair, but after a couple of months of wear and tear, they are slowly starting to look tired and dull. Be realistic and forgo long hair for a shorter hairstyle because it will give you an overall look that is more natural and healthy. Don’t go overboard when deciding on the length of your extensions but rather keep it close to the length of your natural hair. That will help you achieve a richer hairstyle.

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Don’t Forget to Trim

Most hair extensions have blunt ends, which means they are made to be trimmed and adjusted to your existing hair. To get a seamless integration, go for a quick touch up and ask your stylist to dry cut the ends of your extensions since this will make them blend more easily.

Pay Attention to Color

Even though we have a wide selection of existing colors when extensions are concerned, we still recommend a touch of highlights because it will help with blending.

Curls Hide the Solution

A quick solution for an easy blend of your shorter hair with extensions, grab your curlers or curling iron and create soft waves that will make your hair look rich and luxurious.

Use Hairspray to Your Advantage

If you want to wear your hair pulled up in a ponytail or even a messy bun, be careful not to accidentally expose your extensions. Use a soft brush and a bit of hairspray to place your real hair over the extensions for a more rounded look.

Schedule a touch up of your hair extensions at Ergun Tercun European Salon in Denver and enjoy your new hairstyle!