Pastel Highlights Are Whimsical and Fresh for Spring

Colorful highlights Denver

Highlighting your hair used to be about lightening your natural color, making it look natural and effortless. It’s time we started having a little more fun with highlights. Make a fresh statement with pastel highlights for spring.

Colorful Highlights

Highlighting hair with fashion colorsInstead of simply choosing a lighter (or darker) version of your natural color to create highlights, choose whimsical and flirty fashion colors like a pink, blue, green, or purple. This spring, when it comes to highlights, we want you to think “what would Rainbow Brite and her friends do?” And, since the sole mission of Rainbow Brite and her friends is to bring color to this world, we want you to think about colorful highlights.

Fun and Sophisticated

You can bring out your playful side with fun highlights. But, you can also dress up colorful hair with a sophisticated up-do. You can stick to one color, or you can make your highlights multi-colored.

The Right Color Highlight

When you’re choosing between fantastical colors to highlight your hair, it’s really all about personal choice. Our stylists can also consult with you to find the pastel highlight that best suits your hair color and skin tone. Or you can choose a more brightly colored highlight for a more dramatic effect. You can also talk to your stylist about the best highlighting application technique.

Highlighting Technique

Highlighting and color specialists in DenverWith any color, the more you can customize the placement of the highlights, the more flattering they will be. Balayage is a unique way of painting the highlights onto your hair, using brush-like strokes. It gives the stylists control over how and where the highlights are placed. It is also the best way to make the effect feel natural and effortless, even though the color may be wonderous and whimsical. Create a beautiful ombre, somber, or shadow root look with bright or pastel colors.

Ergun Tercan is one of the best hair salons in the Denver area. We believe that the quality and techniques we use to cut, color, highlight, and style your hair is pivotal in your overall appearance. All of our stylists go through extensive training and coloring classes, so they are prepared to take on any hair challenge. We pride ourselves on creating a custom image for our clientele instead of just applying a color and highlights.