Pure Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is Perfect For Summer Hair

Pure Brazilian Smoothing Treatment

No matter how cute our summer outfits may be, there’s nothing cute about crazy frizzy summer hair. Keeping your hair smooth and frizz-free in the dry Colorado summer is one of the biggest battles of the season and one that most of us just can’t win. Until now! The Pure Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is your summer savior for silky smooth hair.Hair Smoothing Treatment

Silky Smooth Summer Hair

The Pure Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is one of the most versatile smoothing treatments in the industry. In three easy steps, you can revitalize and restore your hair. The best part about this keratin smoothing treatment is that it lasts for up to 12 weeks, and is easy to maintain at home. It is also a more cost and time-effective solution to shiny, healthy hair.

Smooth, Not Straight

One misconception that people have about this treatment is that it will straighten your hair. This is not true. This smoothing treatment will do just that: smooth your hair. If you have curly hair, your hair will remain curly. The treatment will simply remove and tame the frizzies so that your curls are much more defined. When you smooth away dry frizz, you will accentuate your natural curls.


The main structure of your hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. Pure Brazilian is formulated with Brazilian keratin, acai, cocoa butter and essential amino acids. It works with the natural components of the hair to improve, strengthen, and condition the hair shaft leaving you with a smoother, shinier, with softer texture and appearance.Keratin Smoothing Treatment

All Hair Types

Pure Brazilian will enhance your natural hair texture. Smoothing your hair will also cut your hair dry time by a third, so you can stay at the pool or by the beach a little longer. When you get the Pure Brazilian you can also let your hair air dry. Smoothing your hair will give you much more freedom and flexibility.

Keep it cute this summer. Schedule a free hair smoothing consultation at Ergun Tercun European Salon in Denver.