5 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing

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Your dream is to have long and luscious hair, but it seems like it simply stopped growing. Like every other part of our bodies, our hair is also under the influence of our routines and habits. What we eat, drink and how much sleep we get affects us more than we realize. If you feel like nothing is wrong, but your hair hasn’t grown an inch in months, here are 5 possible reasons why your hair growth rapidly decreased.

Iron Deficiency

The lack of minerals such as iron is the most common reason for hair loss and breakage. Increase your natural intake of iron by eating chicken, turkey, beef, oysters, nuts, legumes, spirulina and green salads. If you constantly feel tired and have frequent headaches, visit your doctor and ask for iron supplements.

Lack of Sleep

Besides causing numerous health issues, a lack of sleep can also be the cause of bad skin and hair condition. Pay attention to your sleep cycle to establish the minimum number of hours you need to sleep every night and make it your priority to go to sleep on time.

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Cutting Your Hair too Often

Everyone’s hair is different, and the idea that frequent cutting helps growth might not be necessarily true for you. Of course, split and dry ends need to be dealt with from time to time but find a hairstylist you trust, make a custom hair-cutting schedule and don’t forget to point out that you are trying to grow out your hair.


Stress can be detrimental to your hair, because not only can it significantly slow down growth, it can even cause hair loss! Try meditating to calm your nervous mind, ditch your social networks, laptop and phone in the evenings to relax, and try to consciously reduce stress in your life.

Wrong Products and Tools

Applying heat to your hair too often dries it out and damages its structure unless you protect it with the right heat-resistant products. Hair care is so much more than getting regular haircuts. Include a nutritious hair mask into your beauty routine, replace plastic brushes with natural ones and be mindful when choosing your shampoo and conditioner.

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