Shampoo: Do’s & Don’ts From a Pro

How to Shampoo Your Hair like a Pro

You may be wondering what the difference is between a “professional” shampoo, and what you already do at home. While there is a lot that you may already be doing right, there is a lot of things most of us don’t realize we are actually doing wrong. But first, let’s start with the shampoo itself, and what the difference is between what your stylist is using in the salon, and what you may be using at home.

  1. Not all shampoos are created equal

shampooWe’ve all seen those fabulous commercials with that perfect head of shining hair, and some over the counter brand of shampoo and conditioner you can find at your local grocery store, drugstore, etc. The truth is, the models in that commercial probably aren’t using that product at all to achieve such beautiful shine and luster. So don’t be disappointed when your hair doesn’t look like theirs, while using that product. Most over the counter (OTC) shampoos are full of sulfates and/or parabens, which dilute the potency of the actual cleansing agent in your shampoo. Sulfates are simply fillers that are used to do 2 main things; 1-actually fill the bottle for as cheap as possible 2-create lots & lots of bubbles; because as consumers, we are trained to believe “more bubbles=cleaner hair” which is not true. There is actually nothing about sulfates that actually cleanses the hair…and isn’t that what we are shampooing for? Also, did you know that sulfates are the same ingredient used in your dish soap and laundry detergents to create the same bubbles in your OTC shampoos?! Lastly, don’t be fooled by professional brand products found in some of your retail stores. It seems like your getting professional product at OTC prices, when really this is an OTC version of the professional brand. Meaning, it’s either diluted or if it is the good stuff, it’s long been expired and is no longer as potent. Step 1 in a professional wash, is to choose quality product, which is right for your hair type and texture.

  1. Getting more for your money

OJSo what makes the shampoos at our salon better than OTC generic stuff? If you’re going to a quality salon, such as Ergun Tercan European Salon in The Highlands, the shampoo the shampoo carried should be a professional grade product. Professional shampoos are highly concentrated. While you might think the bottle looks slightly smaller than something you can buy for half that price; the truth is it takes about ¼ size amount of what you’re using of your OTC stuff.  So the professional product will last four times as long! It is also composed of 100% necessary ingredients needed to cleanse your hair while also doing whatever else it promises (color preservation, extra moisturizing, etc.). In fact, because these products are concentrated and not filled with sulfates and parabens you will need to add some more water after applying the product to dilute it, and help it suds up. If you use too much, you may end up not rinsing it all out and feel a build up more than cleansed. So start with about a quarter size amount, then add more in that amount or less at a time if you feel more is needed.

  1. Application is everything

how to shampoo1shampooingshampooing2shampooing3shampooing4The best way to apply a professional product to your scalp is to rub that quarter size amount of shampoo in both your hands, slightly emulsifying it. Then apply a good portion to the front area (If you were to imagine a line from ear to ear, almost where headphones would lie, like a rainbow across your head; you would apply from your hairline at your face until you hit that line.) Then take a bit of the leftover shampoo on your hands and rub that into the back nape area of your hair. Start to really work it into the scalp with one hand working that front area & the other hand working the back area until they meet in the middle. Once you start initially working the product in, you will need to add another good splash of water onto your scalp, to dilute the product and assist you with some bubbling action at this point.

I also want to point out that application is concentrated right at the scalp area. For those with medium-long hair you would not shampoo any of the “off scalp hair” (so basically if you put your hair in a ponytail, nothing that hangs after the hair band).

  1. The Rinse

waterOnce you’ve revitalized your scalp with the proper application, rinse thoroughly. You can continue to move your fingers & hands throughout the scalp area to really get a thorough rinse. Great job! Now you’re shampooing like a pro and continuing to maintain your hair’s best condition.