Shiny Hair is Back and It’s Called “Glass Hair”

Glass hair trend of 2018

After appreciating relaxed beach waves and balayage hairstyles for some time, there is a new hair trend popping up on social networks, with famous actresses, supermodels and regular fashionistas changing their looks to prepare for autumn. Classical bob haircuts are having a comeback with a special twist. This trendy new look is called “glass hair” and includes a sharp haircut with a special glow that resembles shimmering glass. You guessed it, really shiny hair is back!

Blast from the Past

Glass hair beauty trend

This hairstyle was particularly popular in the ‘60s, combining geometric cuts with extraordinary shine. Considering the cyclical nature of fashion, it is no surprise that this particular hairstyle once again started attracting hairstylists, models and millennials alike. With celebrities like the actress Mila Kunis, the media mogul Kim Kardashian or the increasingly popular singer Dua Lipa donning the hairstyle, it is just a matter of time before it becomes the biggest fall trend of 2018. Some will recognize this style is similar to the silk press, but this time it has a sharpness that accentuates the neck and makes the overall look seem edgier.

DIY Hairstyle

Glass hair is smooth and polished, with an intense shine that helps create an air of sophistication, especially when combined with an intricate personal fashion sense. To achieve this particular hairstyle, straighten your hair in small sections and after finishing use a bit of hair cream to smooth out small growing hairs on the top of your head. And don’t forget to apply a shine serum for the extra-glossy effect.

Shiny HairChoose the Right Products

Pay attention to the type of products you use while straightening your hair. For example, women with natural hair should avoid water-based products because they are not strong enough to keep the hair sleek and smooth. Since you need to straighten your hair, be careful and use only those products that are compatible with this styling technique. If your hair has a more coarse texture, take your time and start straightening your hair at a lower temperature, slowly increasing it as you repeat the process.

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