Simple Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

Healthy Summer Hair

Just like our skin, our hair also does not cope well with high temperatures, increased humidity, burning sun, and sea salt that we are exposed to during the hottest months of the year. Besides the natural elements which we often cannot avoid, there are several things we have to keep in mind in order to keep our hair healthy and beautiful in the summer.

Stay Away From Your Hair Styling Tools Until Fall

Hairdryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons are tools we use too often, and during summer they dry out our hair even more than usual. Allow your hair to recover from all the home styling tools, and leave the more complex hairstyles to the professionals that will take better care of your hair. Enjoy drying your hair naturally instead, use rubber curlers to create charming beach waves, and try out different styles that do not require any additional tools.

Style Your Hair to Help You With the Heat

Experiment with different hairstyles that move your hair from your face and shoulders by pulling your hair up into a ponytail, an intricate braid or a fancy updo. With the help of your professional stylist, find a hairstyle that best suits your features and adds a bit of glamour to your appearance without applying any additional heat to your hair.

Protect extensions in summer

Avoid Using Shampoo too Often

When washing out sea salt from your hair, use mild shampoos with natural ingredients, without parabens and artificial additives that dry out your hair. When you return from your summer holiday, then go back to your normal washing routine.

Use Nutritive Oils to Feed Your Hair

Once a week use your favorite natural oil to nourish your hair. Keep the oil in your hair for as long as possible before washing it out. Be careful not to apply too much oil because you will find it hard to wash out, which will, in turn, require using more shampoo than desired.

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