How to Survive Growing Out Your Hair?

Survive Growing Out Your Hair

You cut your hair before summer and rocked an adorable pixie haircut, perfectly accentuating the shape of your face and your casual style. A couple of months later, with seasons slowly changing, you have decided you want to change your appearance a bit too. Growing out a short hairstyle can be daunting, but with these simple tips, you will have a smoother transition and your hair will still be fashionable.

Wear a Slick Hairstyle

Using quality hair products and a good brush, pull back your hair from your face into a sleek and classy hairstyle that will serve as a great look for all special occasions and events you need to attend.

Embrace Texture

If you have wavy hair, use your natural texture to hide different lengths of your hair strands. In case your hair is straight, play a little with curlers and curling irons to create playful hairstyles that look both casual and cool.

Braid Your Hair

While waiting for your hair to grow out, experiment with different methods of braiding that will help you create clean and playful hairstyles, even at awkward hair lengths.Glass hair trend of 2018

Use the Fringe

As your hair grows, especially if you had a pixie cut, it will grow out enough to form a fringe at one point. This will give an illusion that your hair is longer, particularly when your hair is pulled up.

Add Color

Ask your hair stylist for some highlights that will give your hair a bit of dimension and richness, draw attention closer to your face and away from the length of your hair.


Be creative with accessories and use bobby pins, stylish scarves, headbands and bows to change your look from boring to cheerful.


In case you are tired of waiting, and you want luscious, long hair as soon as possible, hair extensions are the right choice. Consult with a hairstylist and choose the length, color and texture you will be happy with for months to come.Three steps to choosing the right hair extensions

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