Three Steps to Choosing the Perfect Hair Extensions

Three steps to choosing the right hair extensions

With the right stylist at the right salon, your hair possibilities are almost endless. Hair is a big part of our personality. We say a lot about ourselves in the hair that we choose, and about our current mood. Since our mood changes all the time, it’s not always easy for our hair to keep up. Until now. Hair extensions make it easy to get the right hair to suit our mood. Here are our three steps to choosing the perfect hair extensions so that you can express yourself through gorgeous hair.

Choosing the right type of extensions

Choosing Hair Extensions

Extensions come with various application methods, levels of user-friendliness, cost, and quality. Our three extension methods are tape-in extensions, bead extensions, and keratin hair extensions. To find out which one is right for you we look at three things, lifestyle, color, and quality.

Quality Hair Extensions

When it comes to your hair, spare no expense. In fact, we’ve made this step easy for our customers. We only carry the highest quality real hair extensions available. Our stylists will transform your look using the best hair extensions and the best application method to bring out your best self.

Hair Extensions to Match Your Lifestyle

Keratin hair extensions

Tape-in Extensions

If you like to change your style in a flash then tape-in hair extensions are right for you. With tape in extensions, you can get a full head of voluminous hair in less than an hour. You can also reuse tape-in extensions up to three times, making them the most cost-effective.

Micro-bead Extensions

Like tape-in extensions, micro-bead extensions can be reused. As your hair grows, you can go back to the salon to have your beads moved up, closer to the roots. With proper maintenance, your micro-beads can go months before you need to readjust or replace.

Keratin Hair Extensions

If you like to live your life like one big red carpet event, then you want keratin hair extensions. Keratin hair extensions are the most customizable, the highest quality, and the most comfortable. With keratin extensions, you have complete freedom to create the most natural and personalized look.

Hair Extensions to Match Your Color

The best hair extensions

Hair extensions come in a huge variety of colors, so you can match your natural hair color for the most natural look. Our hair extensions specialists can help you find the perfect shade to match your hair. The better you match the color, the more natural your extensions will look.

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