What to Pack to Protect Your Hair and Extensions on Your Summer Vacation?

Protect extensions in summer


Summer is here and we’re all getting ready to head off on sunny summer vacations. However, as much as we’re all looking forward to those naturally sunkissed highlights, summer fun can also wreak havoc on your natural hair and hair extensions. Here’s what you need to pack to protect your hair and hair extensions.

Summer Hair Damage

Ergun Hair Care ProductsA summer vacation is often full of sun, chlorine, and salt, three things that can be a problem for your natural locks, as well as, your extensions. Since our hair extensions are made from all natural hair, it goes without saying that they will react the same way as your natural hair to summer elements. Your biggest challenge is to make sure that your hair and extensions are always moisturized. The summer sun may feel revitalizing, but too much sun, mixed with pool water and seawater can suck all the lusciousness out of your hair.

Moisturizing Hair Care Products

Be sure to pack shampoo, conditioner, and oils to keep your hair extensions looking great. Before you head out on vacation, stock up on your favorite hair care items recommended by your Ergun stylist. You don’t want to accidentally run out on vacation and not have access to the right products. The Ergun Hair Care line is customized to suit specific hair types and styles, and they are all gluten free, paraben free, formaldehyde free and vegan.

UV Protection Hair Care Products

Protect hair and extensions in summer

Stay carefree in the summer sun with Oribe products. Oribe is a unique hair care formula that offers UV protection for all hair types. Packing some Oribe hair care will ensure that your hair health and color remain looking and feeling their best while on vacation.

The Best Products for Your Hair

At our Denver salon, every cut and style begins with a consultation with a stylist. Our stylists will work with you to find the best cut, color, and type of extension, as well as, offer solutions to proper hair care. We want you to be able to recreate that same polished “salon look” and offer all the best hair care products for all hair types.

Ergun Tercan is located in the Highlands of Denver. Schedule an appointment to talk about the best types of extensions, and how to maintain them at home and on vacation.