What’s Brand New to Colorado?!

Whether hair techniques or the latest and newest in our beautiful state of Colorado; we’re here to share it with you! So what’s brand new, and nowhere else to be found by in south Denver? SNOWLAB found right off the I-25 South at 4360 E. Evans Ave. in the zip code of 80222.

So what is “shaved snow”? It starts with an original soy based ice cream recipe developed by the passionate owners themselves. That is then put onto a shaving machine that shaves the icecream down into creamy ribbons of easy to scoop goodness! Originally, this dessert started in Taiwan known as xue hua bing. Unlike shaved ice, the flavor does not melt into the bottom of your cup, but it’s present in every bite! The SNOWLAB founders start with quality ingredients in each signature flavor. This means NO powders and none of the other additives such as fructose corn syrup, etc. When possible the ingredients are sourced locally, here in Colorado giving back to the community. So what does this all boil down to? A fresh and amazingly delicious dessert, that is vegan friendly, dairy free, and gluten free. You can check out their website at www.snowlabco.com .

I urge you to make the trip & try any of the unique flavors yourself! There’s really no words to describe how yummy this treat is, other than just trying one for yourself! I personally love the green tea mountain, and the coffee (which does have caffeine if you need a midday pick me up), and the new red bean created by customer demand. However, if you don’t want to start out too daring, you can try some more of the classic flavors such as strawberry, or chocolate. Toppings can range from everything to mochi, red beans, crushed graham crackers, condensed milk, caramel, and chocolate.

A few last details before I go…

  1. They have a loyalty appreciation card. Grab one! I didn’t my first time, because I live 45 minutes away. I’ve been back my ten visits already & received my free cup, plus I’m now working on my second card.
  2. Take your kids! As a parent, I feel like it’s a delicious treat for my kiddos, while I can keep my conscious clean knowing I’m allowing them a natural, healthy treat!
  3. Kiddos or not… if you’re just a kid at heart. It’s a fun place to eat in, and play some of their games there. Uno, connect four, cards, or bring your own! IF the owners have time, maybe you can get them to join, but make sure to put up a bet for push ups. As they hardly lose, so challenge them to a game you’re master of!

Have fun and post your pics of your creation on our facebook!