Pembe Tercan

Salon Manager

Pembe Tercan, a native of Ankara, Turkey began her journey into the beauty industry over two years ago. With a degree in business management and a strong background in leadership, Pembe has exceptional talent when it comes to designing and improving any business, graduating from CCD with a degree in business management. Pembe made Ergun Tercan European Salon her home in 2013, creating and improving the salon and turning it into the only European Salon in Denver.

Pembe’s passion for the beauty industry is rooted in the impact it has on people and society. The beauty industry is constantly evolving and reinventing itself and Pembe’s role in this ever-changing industry has made Ergun Tercan European Salon one of Denver’s most recognized salons in Colorado. The hospitality, energy and aesthetic appeal of the salon industry are some of the driving forces that motivate Pembe, making her one of the most valuable assets to Ergun Tercan European Salon. Mentoring people and helping them succeed is one of Pembe’s strongest talents, aiding all our stylists and staff with personal and professional improvements. “The key to success is the ability to change and be challenged.” –Pembe

Outside of reinventing the salon world, Pembe finds solace in interior design. Modern and contemporary design is what Pembe is most passionate about, the classic simplistic approach and the geometric shapes are just a few of the characteristics that intrigue Pembe the most. When Pembe isn’t decorating or mentoring others she likes to cook huge Sunday breakfasts for friends and family and spend her time outside hiking and enjoying the scenic outdoors of colorful Colorado.

Pembe’s core values coincide with Ergun Tercan European Salon’s mission of consistency, quality and creativity. Together, Pembe and our team find solutions that build long term relationships with our guests, guaranteeing the highest level of hospitality and service. Pembe’s passion for building strong friendships and developing a healthy business etiquette are only a few of her many talents. Pembe has a unique personality that brings the love of Europe to Colorado, making Ergun Tercan European Salon a home away from home for anyone who seeks the highest level of hospitality and craftsmanship.