Bumble & Bumble

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Building deep relationships with satisfactory products is what makes Bumble and Bumble one of the staples at Ergun Tercan European Salon. Our salon is the breeding ground for exceptional products and effective communication for wonderful styles in the salon and at home. Bumble and Bumble goes beyond mediocre and stems into the realm of superior, bringing an abundance of beneficial extras.

Bumble and bumble hair salonBumble and Bumble is a luxury line that is perfect for any hair type or lifestyle, which is one of the reasons why our salon uses and distributes this New York born beauty. Bumble and Bumble is a unique company, designing products that penetrate the hair to repair damage and moisturize the thirstiest strands. Bumble and Bumble designs its formulas for people who wish to wash their hair daily as well as those who want to hold on to their style for days. For your lifestyle, Ergun Tercan Salon can recommend the right product for any circumstance, making Bumble and Bumble the most sought after formula.

Bumble and bumble hair salonBumble’s versatility and plethora of product choices grants guests the option to wear their styles in many ways. While some guests may gravitate towards products that suite their hair lifestyle, other Bumble products can transform a cut into a more edgy, adventurous look. Our stylists at Ergun Tercan are trained to tailor each haircut and style with a product that will complement their art work. Curly hair, straight hair, guests seeking volume or matte and high shine results will find themselves leaving our salon with a Bumble and Bumble product in their hands. This luxury line provides an unlimited amount of beneficial and stylistic needs for anyone, repairing damaged dry hair and transforming the way people look and think about their locks.

Bumbles consistent growth and expansion coincides with Ergun Tercan’s mission of moving forward in an ever changing world of hair and fashion. Having graduated at Bumble and Bumble University, Ergun Tercan brought his training to his salon, adding over 25 years of hairstyling experience to the Denver area. Our salon believes in current fashion trends and the luxury of choice, our DNA is styling and dressing and Bumble is a company and an image that we take pride in using and distributing at Ergun Tercan European Salon.