Ergun Tercan Hair Care Line

Hair care products to protect extensions

There is no hair trouble or hair type that Ergun’s product line doesn’t cater to. At Ergun Tercan European Salon, located in the beautiful Highlands of Denver, all of our stylists use and recommend Ergun’s custom shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The entire line is gluten free, paraben free, formaldehyde free and vegan making the styling options endless and available to everyone.

Fine hair, medium hair, coarse hair, blonds, brunettes, color treated hair, dry hair, curly hair and chemically straightened hair, you name it –  Ergun has the product that is right for you. One of the many benefits of using Ergun Tercan products is that you cannot over use them, allowing you to customize how much or how little product you want in your hair. Another great benefit you’ll find when using our product(s) is the amount of product you receive for the price. Many other lines dilute their products to save on cost, making more than half the product composed of water. The Ergun Tercan line is primarily made of product essentials such as silk proteins, keratin and Moroccan oils and all products are naturally derived and animal cruelty free.

Ergun Tercan products are specially designed to meet the needs of any lifestyle and hair type, helping create the perfect foundation for any cut or style. While some hair care lines can’t be mixed, Ergun’s line can be cocktailed to make the most beneficial product for your hairstyling needs. At our salon each stylist is fully stocked with his product line, making E.T.E.S (Ergun Tercan European Salon) products the most used line and the most affordable for clients to purchase for take home. Our most famous products consist of our Keratin Therapy line, Elixir 11 styling leave in treatment and Freshen Up dry shampoo. While these products are only a few of the many different products available at our salon, no one will be left searching for the perfect styling products when they have all the options they need from Ergun Tercan. These specialty products cannot be purchased anywhere other than our salon in the Highlands, so swing by and get a professional recommendation on which product will work for your hair needs.