Nioxin ergun tercan

In an industry that supports long healthy hair, Nioxin is the backbone that continues to reside on the shelves of salons all over the world. Nioxin is an innovative formula that delivers thicker, fuller more dense looking hair. With over twenty-five years of research Nioxin changes the way people see and think about their hair.

Nioxin offers several service types for people with varying degrees of hair loss. Each 3 part system is tailored specifically for each guest. A rejuvenating scalp message is a great way to relieve and energize the scalp, playing a significant role at Ergun Tercan European Salon. We also offer the scalp renew dermabrasion service as well as the deep repair treatment. The Scalp Renew is a “facial for the scalp” exfoliating the head removing buildup while regenerating the scalp, providing up to 34% visible results. The Deep Repair treatment restores dry brittle hair, moisturizing each strand back to its natural shine and vitality. Any of the three part systems from Nioxin are also great at home tools to help prevent any further damage or hair loss. At Ergun Tercan European Salon at home services are just as important as in salon services.

Ergun Tercan European Salon believes in the value of a full head of hair, which is one of the many reasons why our salon uses and distributes Nioxin. The multi-faceted system cleanses the scalp while also moisturizing the hair, preventing breakage or split ends. In the United States alone 78% of salon guests are faced with thinning hair. At Ergun Tercan European Salon we do whatever it takes to restore hair to its fullest.

Hair loss may not be a life altering illness but it plays a significant role in the psycho-social and emotional experiences surrounding hair loss. Our salon is dedicated to making each guest look and feel their best. With Nioxin and proper education on hair loss Ergun Tercan European Salon can find the best solution for people who suffer from fine or thinning hair.

Fine or thinning hair is important issue in the hair industry. With such a large percentage of clients affected by thinning hair, the demand of professionals to assist them in regenerating their hair back to its full potential has also increased. Ergun Tercan European Salon is the best place to begin the journey back to healthy hair. Providing the best services and products in Denver, Ergun Tercan Salon carries all of the Nioxin products so guests know they are in good hands. With an innovative anti-thinning formula and the right tools and training, fine or thinning hair doesn’t have to stay that way, we can help provide the best results for happier, healthier looking hair.