Denver Hair Salon Oribe

Our salon is dedicated to making your hair look and feel its best and we believe that Oribe plays a significant role in hair care at home, making sure your hair health and color remain looking and feeling its best prior to your next visit with us. Delivering the highest level of performance and poise for more than thirty-five years of styling heritage, Oribe embodies truly original formulations. This is one of the reasons why Ergun Tercan European Salon uses and distributes this unique line of hair care. In addition to Oribe’s unique properties, its formulation is paraben free, contains a heat protectant and is also sodium chloride free. Ensuring the best results for your hair, Oribe offers a UV protectant and is color and keratin treatment safe.

Denver Hair Salon OribeOribe is a rare product line that delivers an innovative blueprint that can be tailored to any individual who is seeking glamorous hair. At Ergun Tercan we believe that great hair deserves great products and Oribe’s diversifying properties blend natural activities with top-level treatment technology; designed to keep hair safe from the environment while also providing a refreshing scent from France called Cote d’ Azur, embodying the fresh scent of the French Riviera.

At Ergun Tercan Salon we believe in fashion forward looks and products, Oribe’s unprecedented reputation delivers the best runway and day-to-day looks for people interested in maintaining the glamorous integrity of their hair that only our professional stylists and Oribe products can deliver. Ergun Tercan European Salon believes that great hair demands attention and luxury products that are engineered for the needs of the most discerning people. Oribe is the most sought after product in our salon because of its vast reputation as one of the best luxury lines in hair care. Our stylists’ discover themselves reaching for Oribe every time because of its extraordinary reputation and its loyalty to provide the most captivating results.

Ergun and his group of talented artists use Oribe because both product and stylist seek excellence when it comes to great hair. Oribe is constantly reformulating their products, modernizing today’s hair care products. Ergun Tercan’s enthusiasm for great hair goes far beyond the chair, extending its presence into every product used and sold in his salon, which is why Oribe holds valuable place on the shelves of Ergun Tercan European Salon.