Wella Hair Coloring


Not all color lines are created equally. Wella is one of the oldest and most innovative hair color lines in the industry. Making its first appearance in 1924, Wella is the most renounced and technologically savvy company. From the world’s first portable perm machine to the first hair dryer, Wella has developed and continues to shock the world with its pursuit towards beauty innovation. Ergun Tercan European Salon uses this world renounced product because of its originality and success rates in salons all over the world.

Wella is our primary color line because of its customizable colors and gentle effects on the hair. Ergun Tercan Salon believes in the value of great product and its ability to move forward with our ever changing society. Wella offers some of the best versatility to create any natural look, without damaging the hair. At Ergun Tercan Salon our focus is healthy hair, making Wella the formula we consistently reach for. Wella contains 25% conditioning agents and lipids, essential for heathy hair care and color longevity. With over 130 shades there is no color Wella cannot do. Wella also has 100% gray coverage, a fundamental element for those who desire a more youthful look. In addition to full coverage formulas, Wella also carries an ammonia free formula, Color Touch, for those who change their hair more regularly or choose to have a more gentle approach for their hair care needs.

With a product that is used in salons all over the world it is important to keep stylists updated on new products and techniques. Wella is at the forefront of education, ensuring consistency amongst stylist across the country. Ergun Tercan European Salon believes that continuing education is very important, especially in an industry that is constantly changing. Ergun Tercan Salon has Wella color educators from across the country come to the salon to guarantee successful usage and application of all Wella product(s). Believing that education is “the single biggest driver for growth in the industry, and more important for daily business,” Wella and Ergun Tercan Salon are passionate about education and building a salon savvy business education, while also keeping healthy hair and happy customers at the forefront of success.