Balayage hair painting in Denver

The Art of Hair Painting

Balayage, Ombre, Sombre, Shadow root.. The latest trend is beautiful dark roots with jaw-dropping sun-kissed ends!!

Balayage is a hair coloring technique designed to create very natural-looking highlights that grow out without developing a harsh line at the root. The balayage technique originated in Europe, which gives us another reason to be so passionate about it. This technique was created in 1970, so although it has just become popular within the past few years on TV and in Fashion Magazines, Ergün has many years of experience with the balayage technique and other hair painting services

How Is Balayage Applied?

When hair is colored with the balayage process, the highlights are hand painted in a sweeping motion that moves from the roots to the end of the hair. Painting the color in a sweeping motion prevents the highlights from creating a harsh, noticeable line when the hair begins to grow out. The color at the base is applied very lightly, while the ends are thoroughly covered. This helps create the perfect blend. The hand painted highlights can be subtle or more intense, depending on the client’s preference. Balayage isn’t only for blondes – it is also incredibly beautiful on brunettes and red hair as well!! A balayage would be perfect for the client who is looking for low maintenance highlights that are flattering around the face. This technique requires a stylist with knowledge about balayage and has a very steady hand. Because all of our stylists have completed the Ergün Tercan European Salon Advanced Academy and have trained personally with Ergün, every stylist in our salon is able to perform this service on guests.

FullSizeRender (2)Ombre, the French word for “shade”, is a gradual blending from one color to another. The most common ombre we see in the magazines is from brown to blonde, but an ombre has no limitations. The newest trend that we are seeing is fashion colors. An ombre is a good way to incorporate a fashion color without fully committing to it root to end.

How Is Ombre Applied?

Whereas balayage is more of a highlighting technique, an ombre is a gradual color melt that is focused on the ends of the hair. Because the color is focused on the ends of the hair, this style requires little to no maintenance. Ombre is an amazing way to slowly introduce yourself to color. An ombre can be as intense or as subtle as the client would prefer, this is where the common word “sombre” comes into play. A sombre is just a “subtle ombre” This technique  requires a skill to create a perfect blend. We pride ourselves on being able to find the perfect color and create the perfect color melt for our guests.

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