Color & Highlights

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First impressions are important and we want to make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward!  At Ergun Tercan European Salon, we believe that hair color and highlighting are fundamental basics that people notice right away. Because color plays such an important role, we believe that the quality and technique is pivotal in your overall appearance. All of our stylists go through extensive training and coloring classes so they are prepared to take on any hair challenge.  We pride ourselves on creating a custom image for our clientele instead of just applying a color.

Ergun Tercan European Salon believes that color is the outward personal expression of each of our guests. Our stylists have extensive training in proper color formulation, using European boards to apply highlights and lowlights for even color application and saturation. Our color is crafted specifically for each of our guests with the exact formula your colorist feels will grant you the best results. Each formulation is designed to enhance your most desirable features while also delivering rich, long-lasting pigment and superior grey coverage. Our color services are ammonia and peroxide free, offering a variety of coloring options for any hair type, including permanent color, demi-permanent color and cellophanes, which enhance desired tones in the hair, adding shine and eliminating frizz. Hair color and highlighting provide the hair with shine, texture, volume and a result that also enhances the guests’ haircut and overall look. Highlighting adds depth and dimension, adding movement and mobility to the hair design. At Ergun Tercan European Salon we highlight in specific patterns maintaining consistent depth and tone throughout the hair. Our lighteners and high lift colors are oil based, protecting the hair from drying out or breaking.

To become a part of the Ergun Tercan’s team each stylist must complete our Advanced Academy program prior to practicing color on guests. Ergun Tercan European Salon prides itself on consistent service, by using Ergun’s European techniques we can guarantee that each guest will leave happy. Our training consists of but is not limited to advanced education in color, retouch, highlighting, ombre, color correction, sombre, lowlighting, color melting and hair painting. In order to maintain uniform results, records are kept of each formulation used on clients so each look can be recreated at any given time. Ergun Tercan European Salon also uses Climazone technology to evenly process color and accelerate the color service so guests can move through their day more efficiently. This Climazone technology is gentler on the hair and uses 50% less energy than competing machines, providing even saturation and a built in temperature control so hair will not over process.

At Ergun Tercan European Salon we ensure that every future stylist is comfortable with all techniques prior to taking clients, alleviating any questions or concerns they may have regarding hair color, while also making sure a proper consultation is held before each color application. The color consultation is one of the most important discussions held in our salon. This helps the stylist assess the guests’ hair history, texture, lifestyle and desired result. These meetings will ensure that the best overall color and dimension(s) are achieved. During each discussion, our stylists are attentive to their guests needs, listening to what they want while also contributing an educated opinion of what would work best. Everything is designed to make you comfortable, promising you the best service. At Ergun Tercan European Salon we listen, we advise, YOU choose …

We use Wella Professional brand color, the most vibrant and chroma-rich the industry offers.

WOMEN’S COLOR ~ $70–$135
MEN’S COLOR ~ $45–$95


*prices varies based on the level of experience