Eyebrow Threading and Tinting

Best method of shape your eyebrows

At Ergun Tercan European Salon we believe eyebrows have an important facilitative function in communication, expression and image. Eyebrows shape the guests’ face and give definition to the eyes and forehead. Ergun Tercan Salon uses eyebrow threading and tinting as our method for removal and definition, believing that threading and tinting are the most beneficial for hair removal and characterization. Eyebrow threading keeps the top layer of the skin intact preventing any redness or irritation for people with the most sensitive skin types. At Ergun Tercan we believe in proper maintenance of the hair and skin, which is why we have adopted eyebrow threading and tinting as our main methods of removal and cosmetic enhancement.

Threading is the most demanded hair removal system in Europe. It first originated in India over 6000 years ago and spread throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and now the United States. Threading leaves the skin unharmed by chemical burns and skin damage, which is one of the many reasons why threading is so popular in Europe and the United States. Threading is also one of the quickest methods of hair removal.

Instead of plucking threading can remove up to a single line of unwanted hair not only along the brow line but also for the entire face (lip and chin). In threading, a thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled and then twisted. The thread is then rolled over the areas of unwanted hair, removing the hair from the follicle, keeping unruly eyebrows tamed for longer periods of time.

While threading keeps the shape of the brow clean and defined eyebrow tinting plays a significant role in completing a guest’s look. At Ergun Tercan European Salon we believe that eyebrow tinting compliments your color service and cut. Ergun Tercan alleviates any concerns guests may have regarding their eyebrow color, providing the best customized color to emphasize your best features. Eyebrow tinting will also fill in the brow creating the image of a thicker more emphasized brown line.

Ergun Tercan European Salon is not only concerned about your hair but we are also passionate about the guests completed look. We believe that eyebrows play a significant role in a successful look, tailoring each color and shape to our guests needs, making sure they are satisfied and look and feel their best.