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Offering the Best Hair Extensions in Denver

With extensions becoming one of the most requested services, it is no surprise why so many people come to Ergun Tercan European Salon for the best hair extensions Denver has to offer. With over twenty years of experience, Ergun Tercan and his team know and understand the importance of voluminous, long hair, and will take extra care to listen and appreciate the needs of all our guests. The salon’s wide range of color choices guarantees you to find the right color to fit your needs. Ergun Tercan Salon can transform any style or look and provide a better version of you.
We at Ergun Tercan European Salon are passionate about using the best hair extensions in Denver to create the right look for you. Ergun and his team stay updated on the latest extension trends and techniques, making sure that each service is executed properly, efficiently, and beautifully. Our salon is dedicated to providing the best service and finding a solution to any problem.
Extensions are an important part of the services we provide, as we believe that extensions can provide a positive reflection any person has always dreamed of having. Hair Extensions are direct transformation for those who have thinning hair, bad haircuts, crave longer hair, or want to color their hair without damaging it. Our dedication to healthy hair is evident in the quality of hair extensions we use and the methods with which we apply our extensions. Extensions can be a great service for those who like to change their hair often, those in the process of growing out their hair, and even a more long term permanent hair routine.
Our keratin bond hair extensions also known as fusion extensions are our most popular. This method is the best hair extensions for most guests and can be applied with hot or cold fusion bonding, each method tailored to different types of guests. Hot fusion bonding is customizable for any hair texture, while cold fusion bonding uses ultrasound lasers to bond the hair and is designed for thicker hair textures. However we also have other forms of extensions depending on the individual guest and what best meets their needs.
At Ergun Tercan we pride ourselves on illustrious looking hair, believing that extensions can provide the best transformation for our clients. We believe in selling a feeling not just an image, educating our clients on how to care for and maintain their extensions, and always making sure to follow up with each client, answering any questions or concerns they may have. “Our hair is the most powerful accessory we have;” -Ergun Tercan. At Ergun Tercan European Salon we always find a solution, giving you the best hair extensions Denver has to offer.

*All our Stylist are certified in hair extensions. Call us at 303-433-5544 where we offer the best hair extensions in Denver to request a complimentary consultation with one of our extensions specialists.