Keratin Extensions

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Keratin Extensions: Also know as Hot Fusion and Cold Fusion

Why keratin hair extensions?

Keratin extensions, also known as fusion, are the highest quality of extensions on the market. These extensions are invisible and so comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them. They give you the freedom to wear your hair down, in a pony, braid or even a high bun. Keratin extensions are used by Hollywood stars, because not only does it cause absolutely no damage to your natural hair, but it protects and helps your hair grow out. Keratin extensions are the most customizable out of all the other techniques, giving our extension specialists the freedom to create the most natural and personalized look.

Can I wash my hair and blow dry it?

Yes, you can wash, brush and style your fusion extensions just like you could your natural hair. Talking to your specialist will help you determine the best maintenance ritual. Using the recommended hair products by your stylist will not only make sure your extensions look their best, but will also help you to grow and strengthen your natural hair.

Can I color my hair with the extensions?

The extensions we use at our salon are made of 100 % human hair so, they can be colored and toned with semi and demi permanent hair dyes.

How is the keratin extensions applied?

Unlike other extensions that use wide lengths or cumbersome wefts of hair, fusion extensions are smaller pieces applied around individual sections of hair, giving your extensions greater blend ability and mobility. The small bonds are either “hot” fused using a temperature lower than a standard flat iron to melt the bonds onto your hair, or “cold” fusion using ultra-sound technology to adhere the keratin bonds to your hair.

How long will it last and what is the maintenance?

Keratin extensions can be used up to 4 months with absolutely no maintenance. However in our salon we like to book a complimentary “maintenance” appointment two weeks out to discuss how your extensions are working for you and to address any questions that may come up now that you have them in your hair.

Can you match my hair color and texture?

At our salon we have about 130 different color options including natural color, ombre and fashion colors. Our extension specialist can create any look with different placement of colors including, and not limited to; ombre, sombre, shadow roots, gray hair, and fashion colors. We also offer straight, wave and curly hair to guarantee a 100% match to your natural texture.

How are they removed?

The special removal solution is applied to the keratin bond and it then slides off of your hair in 20 seconds after applying the solution; it is a very gentle and quick process.

What is the cost for keratin extensions?

Our extension prices are based off of the amount of hair applied to each guest. We have a few ball park figures to estimate around bellow, but the best means to get a true and accurate price quote is to come in for a complimentary consultation and let one of our specialists assess your hair needs.

  • Volumizing Extensions: starting at $400
  • Lengthening Extensions: starting at $800
  • Highlighting Extensions: starting at $200
  • Full Head of Extensions: starting at $1000
  • Fixing Bad Haircuts with Extensions: starting at $400
  • Removal or Maintenance $150/hour