Teeth Whitening

Serving The Highlands, LoHi, Denver, and surrounding areas

Includes first application & 1 light session. (See a difference of up to 4 shades whiter in first session.)


An important credential for the beauty industry is a captivatingly white smile. Ergun Tercan European Salon, located in The Highlands, offers teeth whitening for all guests, granting them the opportunity to brighten their teeth in as little as fifteen minutes. We make teeth whitening easy and effective. While your color processes you can whiten your smile, or you can simply stop by for a quick lightening service!

Ergun Tercan European Salon uses Beaming White, one of the top whitening companies across the nation. Our salon uses the Advanced Whitening kit, promising some of the best results outside of your dentist’s office. Your teeth will appear lighter in just one session with Beaming White, and up to six levels brighter with the third whitening session. We are the only salon in the Highlands that offers teeth whitening, making us the most sought after teeth whitening servicer in the greater Denver area.

We want to ensure the best results when it comes to any service, which is one of the many reasons why we use Beaming White. This whitening system is one of the strongest gels administered without a gingival barrier (gum protection), making the service more comfortable and effective than most at home whitening kits. With Beaming White there is no soft tissue sensitivity or tooth irritation, making teeth whiting more accessible for those with the most sensitive teeth and gums.

Our salon works tirelessly to stay current with today’s latest trends and technology, which is one of the reasons why we use blue LED teeth whitening lights for each brightening session. Throughout the long and varied history of teeth whitening, blue LED lights have the best reputation because of their longevity and highest safety rating for guests. These lights emit a cold blue light that won’t burn clients’ lips or gums. The blue LED light is considered one of the best tools for teeth whitening services because it responds the best to the whitening gel, making each session worth every penny.

With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau it is no wonder why Ergun Tercan European Salon uses Beaming White as its only teeth whitening product. The integrity, results and quality of our whitening product is just one of many things that differentiates us from other salons. We’re not just a salon but also a trusted and highly prestigious home away from home.

If you’re interested in getting that bright, white, beaming smile you’ve always wanted, contact our Highlands beauty salon today, or call 303.433.5544!